Hybrid Marketing | Manufacturers reps for the Foodservice Industry in the Pacific Northwest

M A N U F A C T U R E R S   R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S

About Hybrid Marketing

We are a Manufactures Representative Agency for the Foodservice Industry in the Pacific Northwest. Say "Hello" to our lines:


Emersion Blenders & Lettuce Dryers

[Dynamic website]


Grease Interceptors, Solids Interceptors, Accessories

[Endura website]


Commercial Wine Merchandisers

[Enofrigo website]

Fruit Fly Bar Pro

A Fly Strip and more. Kills flies, cock roaches and spiders for up to 4 months. EPA Approved

[Fruit Fly Bar Pro website]


Cook Chill Systems, Jacketed Steamers, Tilting Braisers, Processing Equip.

[proc-x website]

Stratus Eqt Inc

Specialty Stainless Steal Gas Cooking equipment

[Status website]


Foodservice, Restaurant and Bar Supply products

[Uniworld website]

Vertex China

Full Range Commercial Dinnerware & Tabletop Accessories

[Vertex website]


Small wares: Food Prep, Storage, Janitorial, Cooking, Baking, Serving, Etc..

[Winco website]